Requirement For Excellence

1. Think: You Should Have A Time For Yourself To Think About Anything.

2. Plan: After You Might Have Archieved Some Ideas… Then Plan On How To Come About It. Set A Timer.

3. Be Creative: Creativity Leads To Productivity And Productivity Brings Success.

4. Earn A Good Name For Reliability: (refuse To Make Excuse When Something Goes Wrong) Proverbs 25-19
Make Decision As If You Own The Company. “Never Deliver A Poor Job” And Don’t Wait To Be Supervised Before You Do A Quality Job.

5. Be Cheerful: Cultivate A Positive Attitude , Never Surrender To Negative Emotions.

6. Integrity: Lack Of Character Is The Root Of All Crisis (doing A Thing Whether Some Ones Knows Or Not) Without Integrity All Other Virtues Are Useless.
People Of Integrity Are Dependable
People Of Integrity Are Know For Doing Right At The Right Time And Season- Proverbs 25-21
Compromise Or Integrity Will Fight For Your Attention On Daily Basis.

Integrity Has To Do With
1. Honesty
2. Faithfulness
3. Dependability
Talent Without Integrity Is?


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