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URGENT MESSAGE TO BE PASSED ON TO FAMILIES AND FRIENDS IN NIGERIA. MAY GOD SAVE OUR COUNTRY FROM EVIL DEVICES. AMEN.  How a female passenger disappeared in a commercial Lagos Bus yesterday. (Must Read) This is an eye-opener for us all! Please DO NOT collect money from any passenger when you enter a bus to be passed to the driver or conductor. Something bizarre but true happened at Ikotun Lagos yesterday at around 6:40pm and it’s a great lesson for everyone. Read the mail I got below:  kindly help warn people o. My aunt just came back and she is shaking seriously for she witnessed a strange incident some minutes ago. She boarded a bus from her office to drop at Ikotun yesterday evening and unfortunately the bus had no conductor so one woman – one of them (passengers) decided to play the good Samaritan by helping the driver to collect the transport fare from passengers. Everyone co-operated and paid except one old man like that. Eventually he brought out his N50 and gave the woman to give the driver. Immediately this woman collected the money, she started shaking like someone that had been hit with ‘warapa’. The shaking got so bad that the driver had to pack and everyone started shouting on the old man to undo whatever he had done to the innocent woman after all it was after she collected the money from him that she began shaking. The old man now said they should let him rub the woman’s breast so that the shaking can stop. While rubbing her breast, they both disappeared like film trick. Everybody in the bus shouted and scattered, even the driver fled. You needed to have seen the commotion. Please help warn Nigerians to be careful. The kidnappers keep devising new methods everyday. Only God knows where that woman is now”. Pls share to all your loved ones.

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Few days ago a talented artist was interviewed.

Ayodeji ibukunoluwa popularly known as fizzyD, from Ogun state “itele moyegeso”…where olamide badoo is from.

At the interview the artist was asked to give reasons why he is yet to release his official single titled “BLESSING”

His response at the interview_ I am working hard on that, and I promise it gonna be officially released soon.

He also undisclosed that, he has been working on the video concept which he has been able to put up enough concepts together,according to him the video is set to drop towards the end of this year. We wait paitently#

He also said he his currently not under any management nor sponsorship either a record deal.IMG_20151213_024447_edit

He made it known to fans across, he his not sleeping at all…and let the stars watch their backs# might be taking over 2016/2017.

Follow this artist on Instagram: ayodejifizzyd also on Twitter: ayodejifizzyd.

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Dbanj and Don jazzy will be working together again.

This was disclosed @ben Murray Bruce 60th birthday…woah! We can’t wait to hear Dbanj the “eja NLa” him self to jump on Don jazzy beat.

We also hope to hear from the mavin boss. God bless Nigeria industry.Dbanj